Saturday, September 26, 2015

5 Days strong on my weightloss goal!!

So far for 5 days straight I have kept track of my calories with my fitness pal app, kept up on my 7 glasses of water each day to keep hydrated, drank my iaso slimming coffee daily, started walking, and also my measurements progress is coming up, so I'm hoping it will bring some great results, then next week I'll be starting p90x3 to step it up another notch!

Also just updated my website with the products I'm using for those of you who want to follow the same plan to help get you through your weightloss journey as well, and if you have questions or need help feel free to contact me anytime!!

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

My 40lbs weightloss goal!

As most of you know that have followed me for a while know I was 9lbs from my goal of being 140lbs and then I ended up in the ICU and had to be on steroids which caused me to gain and gain til I'm topped out now at a whopping 198lbs!!! OMG!!! I feel out of breath, tired all the time, feel very uncomfortable, fat flaps over the back of my bra, get hot quicker, always sweat, and breakouts from my body being toxic, so today I'm starting this blog as my 1st day of commitment to reaching my 40lbs weightloss goal and be held accountable.
So here is my plan of action and you are more than welcome to join me in the same routine as I have provided you the links to go to as well so we can do this together, I will be doing video updates on youtube, posting on here my nutrition and exercise as well...
Daily plan of action:
*Workout min of 30 min for 3 days a week to start with (P90X3)
*Track nutrition, progress, & workouts   (MyFitnessPal app)
*Use Seacret Deadsea lotion, mud soap, & salt and oil scrub daily to repair and tighten my skin as I lose weight so I'll have less lose skin when I reach my goal    (
*Replace my coffee with Delgada Weightloss Coffee, Iaso Tea and their Firming/Toning cream to aid in my weightloss journey all are organic herbs to help me lose naturally and have many other nutritional values so I hit 2 birds with one stone lol!       (

If you want to follow me on my journey feel free, if you may have questions about the products I'm using or my routine please feel free to email me, add me on facebook, or go to my website all that info is below for you.