Sunday, October 4, 2015


‪#‎FreeProductGiveaway‬ LASTS TIL 5 SPOTS FILLED!
I'm looking to build more genuine testimonials of a few products that have been proven over and over again. So I'm looking for some product testers for a few products that I carry and have used myself. In return I'm offering a ‪#‎giveaway‬ to the next 5 people who want to work on their wellness goals and looking for something that could help them get a jump-start on that. Does this sound like you?
If so this is all you have to do....
1. Pick the product you want to test (#'s 1-6 in pic above) (if you don't see one but have an issue you want to get help with, contact me let me know what you want to work on and I can see what could help you with that.)
2. Click the link associated with that product & receive wholesale pricing (discounts up to #75%off ) once you complete purchase make sure you copy your order # so I can verify it went through correctly then send me a message, comment on this post, email me, or post a status at Response time: (no more than 24hrs.)
#1-#3 Products can be found at ( )
#4-#6 Products can be found at )
3. I will then give you the directions and do's and don'ts about the product you chose, again I have personal experience with these products so I know from personal use. That way you will have a step by step guide to get the most benefits from the product you chose to test.
4. Then since the purpose of this #giveaway is to get genuine before and after results of my actual customers you will need to take a before pic when you start, then you will send them to me, you don't have to show who you are or your face, if requested to be private that's no problem at all, but if you do want to be shared I will personally be glad to help you do that as well! ‪#‎payitforward‬
5. After using the test product for the 1st week take after pic and send that to me for ‪#‎testimonial‬
6. Once I receive before and after pics your ‪#‎freeproduct‬ will be shipped out to you in return for your #testimonial that's it! It's that simple!
Since I always get an over-whelming amount of interests when I run these ‪#‎giveaways‬ I have to limit it to first come first serve to choose the free product you want in return, I have only 5 spots so they will fill quickly, so it's ‪#‎urgent‬ to contact me now to be included in the #giveaway
Products included in giveaway:
‪#‎Free‬ Deadsea Mud Soap ($16 RV)
#Free Stretch Mark Cream ($65 RV)
#Free Deadsea Dry Feet Lotion ($35 RV)
#Free 2pks Skinny tea (lose a lb a day) ($30 RV)
#Free 4pk Body Wraps ($60 RV)